Do You Have An Interesting
Greek Islands Sailing Story?

Then tell it here ...

We have had great fun learning to sail in the Greek Islands.

Sunken Victoria SS Victoria ?

With a number of amusing and interesting adventures on the way, avoiding the odd sunken vessel.

So far only in the Ionian but we hope to go to other areas and gather more stories.

But meanwhile ...

Over to you. What are the best experiences that you have had? I would love to read them and add them to this site.

Me All at Sea Me All at Sea

Want Ideas? How about:

  • Your first attempts at sailing
  • Amusing mishaps while on board
  • Unusual sights
  • Your favourite harbours
  • Sailing hints and tips
  • Reviews of sailing flotilla companies
  • etc. etc.

Don't worry about style, just bash in the words and I will convert it to a web page on this site.

So ...

What's Your Greek Islands Sailing Story?

- Been sailing around the Greek Islands ?
- In a Flotilla or Bareboat?
- Got an amusing tale to tell?

I, and others, would love to read all about. You can also send pictures to illustrate you story. If you have more than one picture, then they will appear as thumbnails linked to a bigger version.

Thanks in advance for sharing it.

If you have any questions or indeed any comments about Greek Islands Adventures,

please let us know by using the Contact Us form

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