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Laskarina was the company that started our love of Greece and its Islands, when we booked a simple villa through them. It was on Halki near Rhodes, delightfully off the beaten track and well away from the tourist trail. It is sad that the great WWW was the main reason for their demise.

If you have any memories of the company or your first visit to Greece I would love to read them and add them to this site.

Want Ideas? How about:

  • Where you went
  • How off the beaten track it was
  • Unusual sights
  • Your first visit to Greece
  • etc. etc.

Don't worry about style, just bash in the words and I will convert it to a web page on this site.

So ...

Over To You?

- Have you visited Greece with Laskarina?
- What do you remember about it?
- Have you found any similar 'Off the Beaten Track' companies?

I, and others, would love to read all about. You can also send pictures to illustrate you story. If you have more than one picture, then they will appear as thumbnails linked to a bigger version.

Thanks in advance for sharing it.

If you have any questions or indeed any comments about Greek Islands Adventures,

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