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About The Greek Islands

About The Greek Islands. There are many islands in Greece. They vary from the quiet and traditional to the modern high life oriented ones. Theye are basically categorised into groups

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Alimnia Island Ownership

Alimnia Island Ownership and Public Access

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The Ionian Sea and Islands

The Ionian Sea and the Greek Islands

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About Us

About Us - Who we are, and how we ended up creating this website

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Greek Islands News and Commentary

Get the latest Greek Islands news. Add your two-penn'orth with your own news or comment on what's happening

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The Greek Language - How to get by and say a few things

The Greek Language and particularly the alphabet can be a bit tricky for tourists. But all you need is a few useful words and a bit of sign language and you'll get on fine.

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Report of Armadillo Bishop's Cake

We had a report back from a baker of Mrs. S Bishop's Cake that it was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside (as in Armadillo). So after a quick review Mrs. S has changed the cooking temperature. Sorry to those who had an unsatisfactory cake.

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Zakynthos Memories

The previous bloglet about Zakynthos Memories was not entirely correct. The link to the new page is actually here

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A bit of finger trouble on that last item!

New Look

I am starting to build in a new look to the website so don't be surprised if the background changes when navigating around. Hopefully all will be consistent in due course.

Try this to see...

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