The Travel Checklist
Make sure you don't forget anything

We love to make lists. Especially a travel checklist as that means we are off on our adventures.

Travel Checklist - Going to Work Going to Work List

We have lists for

  • Shopping
  • Indoor Jobs
  • Garden Jobs
  • Things to take to work
  • What to pack for holidays
  • Party Guests
  • Weekend/Party menus
  • Christmas lunch cooking schedule

almost anything that comes to mind. It helps to reduce problems if (when) our memories fail.

We even have lists of lists to make sure that a list doesn't get forgotten.

Lists usually start out as hand written on a piece of old Christmas/Birthday cards, giving them a further lease of life before going off to the recycling centre.

If a list becomes a bit more permanent then it gets transfered to an online Word document and filed away to be re-used when needed.

One particular set of lists which is invaluable and relevant to the subject of this website, is the packing travel checklist. The contents of the list depends on the type of travel that we are doing so we decided to have a number of lists which we could mix and match to suit.

We start with the General List which applies to any sort of travel and then we add on the ones according to what we are doing.

For example we have a Foreign (to the UK) list which can be combined with a Hot Country list and a Beach list for loafing around in the sun on a Greek Island.

I will be adding copies of our lists for you to view and download. You may find them useful in your travel planning.

The Lists

These are the lists we have so far

The lists can be downloaded for printing or modification.

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