So What Adventures are there to be had in the Greek Islands?

Everything is an adventure in the Greek Islands using our laid back definition.

You feel the same?

Well, come with us on those we have had and, look at places where future adventures are sure to happen. We are a pretty relaxed lot so there is nothing strenuous here!

Greek Islands - Beach Taverna Beach Taverna

However we always consider ourselves to be intrepid adventurers wherever we go. It matters not how simple the thing is that we do, basically we enjoy it all.

Our bigger adventures take place when we go off on our holiday trips whether in the UK or abroad, but our favourite location is the subject of this web site.

We have been visiting there on and off for a number of years, even as individuals before we were a family.

Greek Islands - Taverna Cat Taverna Cat

Why do we love it? Well ...

  • The People
  • The Sun
  • The Sea
  • The Scenery
  • Balmy evenings
  • Relaxed meals in local Tavernas
  • History
  • The Cats

We could go on and probably will!

What do we find adventurous?

  • Browsing the brochures whilst being snug by a winter fire
  • Booking a holiday
  • Planning and doing the packing
  • Catching the plane/ferry
  • Trying out the beaches
  • Touring around
  • Sailing the high (low?) seas
  • Eating in tavernas
  • Attempting to speak the language
  • Fighting Mosquitos
  • Buying doughnuts
  • Shopping in local supermarkets

As we said, almost everything.

Here we share our adventures and provide some background information on the places we have visited. You will find more of an entertainment website documenting our adventures than a definitive guide to anywhere. There may useful snippets though.

Who knows?

There are hundreds of Islands and we can't pretend that we have visited them all but we will whet our appetites by exploring some of them in the virtual world for now. So if you are looking for relaxed, laid back adventures

Let's go to the Greek Islands ...

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