Greek Food and Drink
What are our Favourites?

Many people don't get the point with Greek food and wine.

They say that there is no such thing as Greek cuisine and often would not visit Greece or the islands as a result. They are really missing out.

Anyway our family love Greek style food and have our favourites which we look forward to having once we have arrived in Greece.

What Shall We Have For Our First Meal?

is a question we ask ourselves during the flight and invariably the replies are...

Me... Fried small fish and Greek chips

Mrs. S... Gigantes (BIG beans)

Greek Food - Saganaki

The Daughter... Saganaki (Fried Cheese)

(although when she was a tad smaller she always went for spaghetti bolognese, which is not Greek at all, but that's children for you)

Son-in-Law... Not sure yet as he has only been to Greece once so far, but next time it will be spicy cheese dip I expect.

It's all starting to make my mouth water!

Do you want to know how much it might cost? Have a look at our Taverna Prices page.

How About Drinks?

Greek Food - Mythos

Then there is the question of what to drink. At the first opportunity a few cold beers, preferably Mythos, our favourite Greek drink for quenching thirsts.

Then, early evening, an ouzo for me and a cocktail for the others. At least I stick to the traditional Greek drink!.

Greek Food - Tin Carafe

Meals are washed down with rosé wine.

Locally made wine is very cheap and usually quite drinkable, although we have had one or two headache varieties.

It is best served in the ubiquitous tin carafes and tumblers.

We might have a retsina just because we are in Greece, but I don't think we have yet fully acquired the taste. It certainly doesn't travel, have you ever tried it in the UK?

Other Favourites

We always keep a diary during our holidays and an essential entry is what we all have to eat each day.

Once we get over the initial must haves, we then start going through our list of all the other Greek food that we love. We actually like most of it but the most common items you will find in our diaries are

  • Tzatziki
  • Souvlaki
  • Gyros
  • Fried small fish (again)
  • Greek salad
  • Gigantes (again)
  • Meat balls
  • Saganaki (again)

Home Cooking

That's home as in UK.

When our holiday adventures are over and we are back home, we have the odd home made Greek meal (English style). Sometimes it's a full adventurous Greek evening, but frequently just a single dish such as Mrs. S spanakopita or greek salad.

For a bit more about Greek food in general see here.

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