Travel Packing Checklist
Extra stuff needed for that Flotilla Sailing Adventure

In addition to the general travel packing checklist there are a number of items which we need when we go on flotilla sailing holidays. They always help the holiday along.

These extras are in the list below.

Things to take

Some of these items are of a general nature and some very specific to sailing. The notes might help explain.

Flotilla Travel Packing Checklist
Things Notes Tick
Sailing Gloves Garden Gloves These stop your hands getting rope burns, trapped in anchor chains and all sorts of other nasties. Sailing is fun really !
Compass Yachts usually are fully equipped with navigation items but I like to take some myself just for fun.
Light Jackets As in not heavy. Even in the warmest weather it can get a bit chilly on the water if you are cracking along at 7 knots.
Cable Ties All sorts of colours and sizes. We use them to identify each persons life jacket and safety harness for easy grabbing in an emergency. They can also be used to mark the anchor chain lengths if you want precision anchor drops.
Loo Paper Again yachts have them, but tavernas can be a bit lacking
Straps The kind for tying luggage onto car roof racks. Very useful for strapping down the inflatable on deck whilst sailing.
Beach Mats Thin cushion types to add comfort in the cockpit or even the beach.
Sailing Guides Charts Again the yachts are equipped but you cannot write on them or bring them home, so personal copies are good for keeping notes and as a holiday record
Sun tan lotion Say no more
Mossie repellent Mosquitoes can be a nuisance in the evening ashore. The yachts have pretty good mosquito nets for night time
Sharp kitchen knife If you do cooking or want to cut oranges for fresh orange juice
Sharp sailing knife For cutting ropes and stuff
CDs To play whilst you are on the high seas. Or in the harbour if you turn the volume down or feel anti-social
Cake Good high energy rations when on the move. You no doubt can buy them there but you can't beat a home made one.
Alarm Clock In case you do need to leave port before midday.
Sailing/Deck shoes Light soled non-slip and ones that can get wet. Most of the time we are bare footed but when fiddling about on deck it is surprising how many things jump out and stub your toes
Swimmies That is what is worn most of the time
T-shirts To cover up occasionally

Things NOT to take

Conversely we always find that we have taken unnecessary or excess stuff, so we have a travel packing checklist to remind us what not to take .
Flotilla Non - Travel Packing Checklist
Things Notes Tick
Only 1 pair earrings Or for the salty sea-dogs then just a single earring I suppose
No make up It only gets washed off in the salt spray.
No heavy shoes They never get worn, unless you want to go for a hike.
Very few socks In high summer they are not needed
Very few decent clothes For the evenings ashore, one outfit can last days. So long as you don't mind being seen in the same kit more than once.
Umbrella Unless you are hopelessly British
Rigid suitcase There is nowhere to put it on board

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