The Travel Packing Checklist
Essential Items for any Holiday

Here is our travel packing checklist for things that we consider essential for any holiday at home or abroad.

There are in fact two lists, one for stuff to pack and the other for jobs to do in advance to make sure nothing is forgotten

Items to pack

Things Notes Tick
Maps If the trip is totally in the UK then Ordnance Survey Maps are the best. Also a Multi-Map or Google directions printout is handy for the initial route.For overseas travel this would also include maps local to the destination
Guide Books Always useful to get the most out of the trip
Digital Camera
Memory Card
Great for recording the trip
Digital Camcorder
Memory Card
Even better for getting those interesting action shots
Just in case we over do things
Driving Licences Although not essential in the UK, it is a must for overseas if any car driving is involved
Tickets Airline, Ferry, theatre etc. In these days of ticket less travel a printout of e-mail confirmation etc. is a good idea
Booking Details Always useful as confirmation when you arrive and to remind you of check in times etc
Hats Depending on the type of weather to be expected then it could be a rain, sun, warm or merely decorative hat
Glasses For those with not quite perfect eyesight then reading or long distance spectacles are needed
Sun glasses Even for travelling in the UK
Water A bottle of two of water is always handy on car or train journeys. They have to be dumped at airports of course
Painting Set For the artistic ones amongst us
Mobile phone, charger Unless you want to be ‘unreachable’
Torch Always handy, especially for late nights coming back from a Greek Taverna
Wash bag Items Such as flannel, toothbrush, toothpaste, talcum powder etc.

Jobs to do in advance

Things Jobs Tick
Guide Book
Digital Camera Charge battery
Empty memory card
Digital Camcorder Charge battery
Empty memory card
Mobile phone Charge Battery
Top up Pay as you Go
Check it will work at destination

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