Corfu Weather - What Is It Like?

Corfu weather is not unlike most Greek Islands. However Corfu, or more correctly Kerkyra (Κέρκυρα), is generally fairly sheltered from the wind, and it experiences more rain than most of Greece. In the winter it is very rainy indeed.

In fact it is the wettest part of Greece. Hence it is very green and lush unlike some of the southerly islands in the Cyclades for example.

The combination of little wind and plenty of lushness means that the summer months can be very sultry and sticky especially when the warm Sirocco (Σιρόκος) arrives and everything falls under a sleepy spell.

Light clothes and swimmies in summer but expect rain outside June to August.

In the winter Corfu has been known to see the occasional frost and even snow!! albeit only for a few hours. The upside is that the skies are very clear and you can see for miles.

Average Corfu weather conditions
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sunshine (hours) 4 5 6 8 10 11 11 11 9 7 4 3
Rainfall (mm) 196 132 100 70 41 14 4 20 95 184 237 259
Min. Temp (°C) 6 6 8 10 13 17 19 19 17 14 11 8
Max. Temp. (°C) 14 15 16 19 23 28 31 32 28 23 19 16
Humidity (%) 66 64 63 63 60 54 50 48 58 62 66 68

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Corfu Weather Month by Month


Generally it is cold (by Greek standards), rainy & windy. There is a one-week period during January when the weather is generally good and the winds cease. All is calm and peaceful, the period is called the halcyon days (γαλήνιος).


Less wet and windy than January. The first trees are starting to bloom.


Again the rain easing off, getting more sunny days too. If you are daring then you may go for a swim.


Spring time in Corfu with medium temperatures & low rainfall. Corfu is full of wildflowers.


Warm and sunny. Rainfall really dropping off in the middle of the month. The sirocco seasonal winds have not yet started to blow.

May 1st is the official “start” of tourist season, and with good reason. The sea has warmed up enough to allow for refreshing swimming. It is considered the best month for outdoors activities. However a jacket will prove useful for the night.

The first two weeks of May offer you deserted beaches and quiet tavernas but they start to fill up towards the end. Flowers in abundance and a fresh looking Corfu - after a winter of recuperation.

Of special note is that olive pollen is abundant during May, due to the blossoming of the millions of olive trees on the island. If you have allergies then don't plan on visiting early May.


Sunny and hot. Time for the beach!

Beaches and tavernas are still not crowded as school holidays have not started, but beware the half term some time early June. A jumper may still be needed late at night - especially on a boat. The sea is now a pleasant temperature.

Late June, things start to heat up both in temperature and tourist activity, especially at the weekend with visiting locals. Rainfall is infrequent and the wind starts getting into the routine of a bit of a breeze in the afternoon then dropping by 8-9pm.


Windy and very hot. The seasonal winds start to blow. It is a good month to do not-a-lot in a shady bar or under an umbrella on the beach. Don't forget the sun screen.

July is possibly the hottest and busiest month for Corfu. You will find glorious sunny days but with busy beaches and tavernas. Evenings are warm and without air-conditioning it may be difficult to sleep, but the chirping of the cicadas will provide you with entertainment.


Much like July with possibly even higher temperatures. Tropical storms can suddenly appear, blotting out the sun with dark clouds and torrential rain. But in a few hours it all settles down to a blazing sun again. The rain does tend to cool the sea down a bit.

The air is very hazy and visibility is not so good, sometimes it is not possible to see across to Albania from Corfu Town (only a few miles).


Things are starting to cool down , both in terms of temperature, and travellers. It is still sunny, but less windy and slightly cooler. Good for outdoors activities.

The days are hot but the weather starts to get unpredictable from mid month. You will need a light jacket for the night, especially if you plan to visit any mountainous areas.

The beaches and tavernas are less busy as it is back to school.


Like September, sunny and few windy days but some rain will fall. Good for outdoors activities.

The sun is now lower in the sky and the rain gives a much clearer air with crystal clear, light blue skies with warming rays. Evenings will feel cool and require a jumper - especially if you have spent the day sunbathing on the beach. The sea is still sufficiently warm for swimming as it takes several months to cool down. The landscape returns to its lush green state.

Beaches are becoming deserted, and some tavernas and bars start to close. Evenings can be cold and only the hardy will eat outside after the sun has set at about 6pm.

It is definitely the month to visit if you want no crowds, nice peaceful days but still with warm temperatures and plenty of choice of tavernas


Corfu weather becomes very unpredictable. It may be sunny but there are plenty of rainy and windy days too. Pack a sweater and don't forget your umbrella.

November 1st officially marks the end of the tourist season. Almost all (tourist) shops, restaurants, and hotels are closed for the season, and beaches are deserted. Swimming is only for the very brave, as the sea water is probably to cool to enjoy.


Conditions vary from year to year with a mixture of windy, calm, rainy, sunny, cold and warm days. Take your pick really. Pack warm clothes together with your swimming suit.

Current Corfu Weather Forecast

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