What Taverna Prices Would You Expect?


We have just enjoyed a few meals, with varying taverna prices, while we were on a short holiday around Corfu with our friends.

That is in between eating spanakopita, Greek salad, Bishop cake etc. on board Selkie Dancer.

I thought it might be useful to pass on some information on what the taverna prices were for our meals and drinks etc. during our stay. There were four of us and the meal costs ranged from €77.50 to €120.00. With an exchange rate of about £1 = €1.12 that would be £70 to £110.

This is not a definitive list of how much everything costs but it should give you an idea of what we paid in October 2010, if you are planning a visit to Greece in the near future.

View Corfu in a larger mapSelkie Dancer's Mini Voyage

Our choices of eating establishments varied from the fairly simple, but not rock bottom, to what looked liked a relatively up-market place. They were all located right by the sea within easy sailing (and walking) distance of Corfu Town.

For a quick overview of prices see the summary

Mediterraneo Pizza Restaurant

Taverna Prices - Mediterraneo Bill Mediterraneo Bill

One of our stopping places was Mourtos Sivota on the west mainland coast, just south of Igounamitsa opposite Corfu. The place was called the Mediterraneo and was on a back street away from the main harbour side tavernas. As far as taverna prices go this was pretty good value for money.

It had a real olive wood fired pizza oven and the chef was very proficient at spinning the pizza dough in the air.

Very brave. Especially as he was working in full view of the diners.

It was particularly entertaining for a group of small children who all lined up standing on chairs in front of the cooking area.

The pizzas were excellent and quite large. In fact we didn't manage to eat them all so the remainders were packed into a takeaway box.

We shared that for lunch the next day.

We had a combination of house wines, which was very drinkable plus a bottle of reasonable red. One great thing about going near the end of the season is that the tavernas start to give discounts, in this case there was 20% off the cost of the bottle of wine.

Bill Breakdown

  • 1 Tzatziki - €4.00
  • 4 Bread Portions - €2.00
  • 4 Pizzas - €45.00
  • 1 litre house wine - €10.00
  • 1 bottle of red wine - €14.50



Add on a tip of about €8.00 and the total comes to about €86.00

Taverna Prices - Toast Mr. S toasting the 'owner' of the good ship Selkie Dancer
at the Mediterraneo

Galini Taverna (Ταβέρνα Γαλήνη)

Taverna Prices - Agios Stefanos Agios Stefanos

Just up the coast from Corfu Town is a small harbour call Agios Stefanos (one of several of that name on Corfu) where there is a large choice of tavernas but not much else.

As it was October when we were there, most of the tourists had gone, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that almost all tavernas and shops were still open. If a little empty of customers. The taverna prices were starting to drop a bit too.

Taverna Prices - Galini Bill Galini Bill

Bill Breakdown

  • Bottle of water - €2.50
  • 2 ouzo - €8.00
  • half litre local wine - €5.00
  • 4 bread - €4.00
  • 1 Tzatziki -i €3.00
  • 1 saganaki - €5.00
  • fried courgette - €4.00
  • 2 side orders - €4.00 each
  • pork main - €11.00
  • small shoes - €9.00
  • gavros - €9.00
  • beans - €4.00
  • 2 coffee - €5.00

It was difficult to choose where to eat.


Our friends had already been here and eaten in several tavernas so we decided to spread our custom around and we ended up in Taverna Galini. It was not the usual cheap as chips, checked table clothed, establishment but nevertheless fairly reasonable.

The Town Hall (Το Δημαρχείο)

On our last night in Corfu we decided to ignore taverna prices and find a slightly up-market taverna. The ladies of our group had decided that they needed to eat pannacotta. Not exactly Greek, I know, but there you are. It was starting to get a bit chilly and the mosquitoes were biting.


The criteria for choosing a place was:

  • Must have indoor eating
  • Must have pannacotta
Taverna Prices - Outside To Dimarchio Outside To Dimarchio

After studying a number of places and menus, we ended up in the town hall square which was covered in various taverna tables. We passed by the ubiquitous taverna owner waiting outside to drum up custom.

'Have you got Pannacotta?'


'Can we eat indoors?'


So in we went.

It turned out to be a very pleasant place with linen tablecloths and napkins and we were the only customers.

Taverna Prices - Inside To Dimarchio Inside To Dimarchio

We were very well looked after by the two waitresses who also helped us with our Greek.

We Had

  • selection of tapas type dishes
  • bread
  • tzatziki
  • fried aubergine
  • 2 pasta dishes
  • lamb
  • risotto
  • 1 1/2 litre wine
  • 2 pannacotta

After a while we learned that one was from Albania and the other from the Ukraine. So not locals then!

So what were the taverna prices here?

Unfortunately the original bill has gone astray but from memory the total came to €120.00 which is not at all expensive for a good meal out.

Coffees and cocktails


Before we went for our pizza in Mourtos Sivota, it was decide that a cocktail or two was in order. Thus we ended up at the Bamboo place where orders for two ouzos, pina colada, sex on the beach !!! were made. Some freebie kahlua cocktails were presented to us while we waited for our order.

Drink Prices (Each)

  • Ouzo €5.00
  • Cocktails €8.00

The waitress was very canny. As we were just thinking of leaving, she brought another free bowl of peanuts. Well it would have been churlish to just eat the peanuts, so two more cocktails were ordered. Ho Hum!

Taverna Prices - Ouzo & Pina Colada Bamboo Place - Mourtos Sivota
Ouzo & Pina Colada

Taverna Prices - Bamboo Place Bamboo Place - Mourtos Sivota

Morning Coffee

For the simple morning coffee we sat in a comfortable harbour side cafe/bar. The favourite drink amongst us was cold Frappe coffee. However I preferred Nescafe. Contrary to what you may think it is not just instant coffee but a rather delicious filter type.

Taverna Prices - Coffee Bill Coffee Bill


  • frappe€2.00
  • nescafe €2.30

Sometimes I had the real Greek 'metrio' which is a high powered espresso with sludge in the bottom. You need to filter it through your teeth.


So to summarize taverna prices, you get something like.

  • Water €2.50
  • Bread €0.50 - €1.00
  • Litre House Wine €10.00
  • Bottle Wine €17.00 up
  • Starters €3.00 - €6.00
  • Main Course €8.00 up
  • Cocktails €8.00
  • Ouzo 3€.00 - €4.00
  • Coffee €2.00 - €3.00

Happy Greek Eating

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