Laskarina Specialist Tour Operator

A bit of a homage to a now defunct company.

Laskarina was a tour operator who provided holidays to unspoilt regions of Greece. We have particular memories of the company as it was the one that first introduced Mr. S and Daughter to Greece. Our adventure to Halki in 1989.

We were particularly attracted to them as they did not follow the pattern of the mass package holiday operators.

We stayed in Villa Rozalis just up the hill from the Byzantine Church and we still have the brochure that we studied during the winter of 1988/89 dreaming of summer holidays.

Here are a few pages from it.

Front Cover

Laskarina Brochure Front Cover - Click for larger imageFront Cover - featuring Halki Harbour

Is it as empty now in the summer I wonder?

Pondamos Beach

Laskarina Brochure Pondamos BeachPondamos Beach

Many hours were spent here, swimming reading and snoozing!

Villa Rozalis

Laskarina Brochure Villa RozalisThe Page We Chose

We rented the upper studio. It had (still does I guess) a fantastic view over the harbour past the church campanile.


The company alas is no more. It was very much the pioneer of providing off the beaten track holidays without spoiling the charm of the destinations. In fact when we went they were the only tour company to have a presence in Halki and only a handful of tourists each week were ferried from Rhodes by a local fisherman chartered for the job.

The online world of the internet provided many alternative ways for people to travel to out of the way places which were in fact becoming more accessible anyway. So in 2006 they called it a day

They provided wonderful holidays for many like us, so it is fitting that they get a mention from the medium which replaced their services.


It is not all bad news. The spirit lives on in the form of a few smaller companies. So if you fancy a quiet holiday to an unspoilt island still can.

Have a look at Nissia Holidays which is run by two former local reps. They have the same philosophy as the old Laskarina and they specialize in Halki and Tilos.

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